The Grand Canal Venice
What can I say about Venice?  It is magical.  I felt like I was in a dream the first time I arrived there.  As a water lover, there is just something to be said for having canals as streets.

Even a taxi ride can feel romantic in Venice.  Transportation comes in the form of water taxis, which are actually speed boats, the vaporettos which are like a bus on water, and of course the more famous gondola rides.

For me, Venice was about shopping, eating and wandering around.  You can get lost in Venice but eventually you will wind your way back to familiar territory.  The food is different from anywhere else in Italy.  I will never forget my meals at Trattoria Alla Madonna.  My starter was a seafood risotto unlike any I'd ever tasted.  My main course was grilled eel.  Dessert was gelato with wild strawberries with more flavor than any strawberry I'd ever had.

There are so many shops in Venice, both indoor and out.  Shops selling glasswork from the neighboring island of Murano, shops selling jewelry, shops selling silk ties and scarves.  There are even shops that sell nothing but bags to tote all of your purchases around and back home.
When you go, bring your appetite, a credit card with a nice sized limit and some good walking shoes and you will definitely enjoy Venice.

See more Venice Photos here:

Peaceful Canal           Piazza San Marco After Dark          Venice Flower Boxes

Just a short boat ride from Venice is the island of Burano.  Here, you will find brightly painted houses situated along quiet canals as well as many lace shops selling the fine lace that is made locally.

Burano is a nice day trip or can be done in combination with a trip to Murano, the island known for spectacular glass works.

Photos of Burano:

Colorful Burano        Homes along the Canal in Burano

If you have more than four or five days in Venice and would like a delightful little side trip, Verona, recently the setting for the romantic film, Letters to Juliet, has much to offer.  From the breathtaking views of the River Adige, the Verona Arena, to the Giusti Gardens there is a lot to see and do and the relaxed, small town feel is refreshing after spending much of your travel time in bigger cities like Milan, Venice, Florence or Rome.

Photos of Verona:

Giusti Gardens      River Adige      River Adige      Courtyard     Arena

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